How I Can Help

I am a health and social care practitioner, offering support in personalising services. What I offer is unusual in that I aim to work with people as individuals – with diverse hopes, dreams, strengths and challenges – whilst taking into account the 3 p’s: politics, policy and procedures. My work as a social worker, a middle and senior manager in local authorities and as policy lead with In Control has equipped me well for this challenge.

Much of my work comes through the organisations of which I am an associate, In Control Partnerships,  Volunteering Matters, the National Development Team for Inclusion, the  Social Care Institute for Excellence and Community Catalysts. Please contact these organisations if you wish to contract with them.

I am also able to work direct for small and large organisations to help them personalise what they do. I am particularly experienced in working with people with learning difficulties and disabilities and with those who support them and have recently begun to work with organisations for older people with high support needs to assist them to meet the challenges they face.

I have worked at different times with groups that have included trustees, senior managers, middle managers and direct care staff – often alongside people who use services and their families. My approach is the same for all: to help people to reflect on what they want to achieve, what they are doing now in reality – and how to close the gap.

The products I provide are all individually tailored, but a few examples of the things I have helped with in the past include:

  • ‘Diagnostics’ for local authorities, wishing to assess progress with personalisation and where to take it next.
  • Work with a large national disability organisation to gear all their staff, systems and services to the delivery of ‘informed choice and control’.
  • Writing learning materials and delivering a learning event for a medium sized provider organisation wishing to introduce ‘personalisation without personal budgets’.
  • Training for groups of provider organisations who are beginning to think about personalisation for the first time.
  • Writing and delivering one of the first ‘self-directed’ commissioning strategies in the country in my role as Joint Commissioner in West Sussex.
  • Producing a commissioning strategy template and supporting documentation for In Control.
  • Facilitating learning sets with managers working to make their services more genuinely personal.

I am also very interested in helping people resolve differences that arise and am an accredited interpersonal mediation practitioner.

I adjust the price I charge, dependent on the type and size of organisation which employs me, how much preparatory work is involved and exactly what it is I am asked to do. Contact me to discuss this.

2019 is a sabbatical year for me when I plan to see more of my family, to travel and to reflect.  I expect to return to work in January 2020 – either to the same sort of consultancy work or to something slightly different. In the meantime please contact me if you wish to do so using the information below.