Experienced workshop leader: starts from the basis that all have a valued contribution to make and we build community through attending to diverse voices.


Experienced trainer of staff, citizens and stakeholders: emphasis on helping all work towards ‘personalised’ solutions and behaviour change through knowledge and awareness.


Wide ranging articles, features and book chapters on many aspects of the challenge of building truly ‘personalised’ and inclusive communities and social care services.


Inspirational national and international keynote speaker, with a passion to inspire audiences and demonstrate that all have a part to play in leading the change process.

Self-Directed Support and the Personalisation of Social Care

I am a health and social care practitioner who believes passionately that in human services, people come first.

I have worked in those services for over thirty years and have seen the system change hugely over that period. Many of those changes have been good: there is now a real wish to involve and empower people who use services. But other changes have been at best confusing and at worst ill-thought through and poorly managed.

Personalisation and personal budgets offer a way to make things simpler, more cost-effective and more genuinely person-centred, but only if they are implemented with intelligence and sensitivity. This is as true for local authorities as it is for provider and community organisations.

I provide advice, assistance and support to individuals and organisations who share the vision of a more open society where all are appreciated and all make a contribution, irrespective of disability, age or state of health. Over the past ten years I have worked with many local authorities, social care providers and community groups, across England and beyond.

2019 is a sabbatical year for me when I plan to see more of my family, to travel and to reflect.  I expect to return to work in January 2020 – either to the same sort of consultancy work or to something slightly different. In the meantime please contact me if you wish to do so using the information below.

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